Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice

Welcome to best Rice of World. It is the same Rice which was eaten by your ancestors. It’s made without using any machine/chemical/electric. This rice is grown in tribal village agriculture land in Chhattisgarh by village tribal team.

As you know before 200 years back there was no machines so at that time all  people have Wood Pounder in there homes. So woman of there home use Wood Pounder to convert Paddy into eatable Rice for self consumption. and this rice is Healthiest rice of world. This rice has secret for good health. This rice is Very Soft and Tasty and has Nice Aroma.It has a mild, nutty flavor, and is chewier and more nutritious than white rice.

Vilkages Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  is Tasty and healthy alternative to Brown/White Rice, it is truly worth converting. Its a beautiful looking rice with a rosy brown hue, which tastes stunning with veggies. It’s a short grain, heirloom rice that is grown in the plains of Chhattisgarh, watered by Raining  or well water. Residual streak of bran makes it compelling in terms of fiber content. It has trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants and has a nutty, a bit toothsome, and even a sweet flavor with a gorgeous perfume to it. It’s the perfect lunchtime rice, even a small portion keeps you full till dinner. The nuttiness holds up well to spices and blends seamlessly with a delicious Dal,Sabzi,Any Gravy,sambar or more-kozhambu.

Hand Pounded Rice

Hand Pounded Rice

We are trying to save this Ancient Tradition which is very rare that village Woman Farmers can earn and Best people of world can get best Rice of World.

Q: Why is buying higher quality rice so important? Isn’t all rice more or less the same in quality and taste?

A: Rice has for thousands of years been a staple food that contained essential nutrients for our diet. However, after the introduction of industrial fertilizers, pesticides, and machine-driven processing techniques, many of these nutrients have been lost in today’s conventional rice. Choosing rice grown in unpolluted areas (clean soil, air and water), without the use of any inorganic chemicals, and using processing techniques that protect the nutritional value and taste of the grain.

Q: What’s the price of Human Pounded Rice ?

A: This year’s price is Rs 1750 Per Box (7 KG) i.e Rs 250 Per/Kg including Shipping . Main price factors:

  1. Processing of the grain. We process the grain by using a traditional method called ‘pounding’. This labor-intensive method removes only the very outer husk of the grain, protecting the integrity of the grain as much as possible. To read more about the surprising nutritional difference of ‘hand-pounded’ rice, see below.
  2. Relatively low yield.  As this Rice is Non GMO, Non Hybrid Rice, it’s all Natural Rice which our Ancestors get by agriculture. We not use any inorganic pesticides or fertilizers. So Yield per acre land is not as other rice. Other Rice Yield per acre is 1650kg. And Vilkages Rice Yield per are is Rs 400kg

Q: Why is it better to choose ‘human hand-pounded’ rice over ‘other rice’ if possible?

A: Traditionally, all rice was ‘hand-pounded’. In this labor-intensive process the outer husk of the grain is removed, leaving intact most of the other layers (brans) covering the ‘white rice’. These layers contain essential fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Hand-pounded rice is a type of Human Pounded Rice  that has been popularized as a ‘super-food’. Nowadays, most white rice is being produced with milling machines that ‘polish’ the grain, which removes all layers (brans) until a fully-polished white rice remains. This conventional milling and polishing destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the phosphorus, 60% of the iron, and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids

Q: What is the Secret of So Tasty and Nutritious of Human Hand Pounded Rice

A: Because of the naturally imperfect nature of our ‘human hand-pounding’ process, some grains of this rice will contain all of their bran and nutrients, whereas others will become more polished. This creates a natural mix of brown and semi-polished rice. Therefore, it makes for a great combination of being both nutritious and tasty at the same time.

Q: What is difference between Hand Pounding Rice Vs our “Human” Hand pounding Rice?

In current time there are some Rice Mill Machine which use Rubber roller to produce a rice which look like Hand Pounded Rice and also there are some Machine Rice Pounder. But all this technique is not able to produce Human Pounded Rice Because It’s the heat created by milling pounding machine that changes the rice taste and due to heat micronutrients from Rice evaporate whereas “Human” Hand pounding does it in a longer time and doesn’t produce heat so you get Natural Taste and Nutrients and Micronutrients from Human Hand Pounded Rice.

Human Hand Pounded Rice has various names in different part of world – Dheki Rice, HathSadi Tandul, kaikuthal arisi, Dhampudu Biyyam

Benefits of Human Pounded Rice

Daily intake of Human Pounded Rice reduces the cholesterol.

Vital vitamin E components and many valuable nutrients are present in Human Pounded Rice.

It is better to switch back to Human Pounded Rice to avoid the biggest killers of present generation such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer to have healthier and longer life.

BENEFITIS OF Human Hand Pounded Rice (Detail)

1. Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice is rich in manganese that helps to keep our bones healthy and strong.

2. It also helps to synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol.

3. Consumption of Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice helps in maintaining blood sugar level.

4. Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  is known to be rich in selenium which is good for the body it protects the cells from damage caused by free-radicals and abnormal thyroid functions.

5. Magnesium present in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  regulates proper blood circulation in the body.

6.  The bran present in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  contains unsaponifiable compounds and other components that lower the level of LDL cholesterol.

7. Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  is good source of fiber that in turns helps in proper digestion and cures intestinal blockage and constipation.

8. Consumption of Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  helps in reducing and maintaining body weight.

9. The manganese content in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  protects the body against damage from free radicals produced during energy production.

10. The selenium content in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  plays a critical role in the prevention of cancer.

11. There are powerful antioxidants present in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  that decrease the symptoms of asthma and the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis.

12. Presence of lignans is in abundance in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  that prevent breast and other hormonal dependent  cancers.

13. Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  is rich in insoluble fiber that avoids gallstones in women.

14. Also increasing consumption of Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  as whole grains in children, avoid chances of occurrence of childhood asthma.

15. Due to high mineral content , it supplies important nutrients for hair, nails, teeth, bones and muscles.

16. Consumption of Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  helps in synthesis of fatty acids, required for healthy nervous system functioning.

17. Also the amount of selenium and fiber in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  helps in lowering down chances of colon cancer.

18. All the women who have crossed the menopause stage, generally complain high cholesterol level, cardiovascular ailment and high blood pressure problem. They must include Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  in their diet in order to get relief from such ailments.

19. Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  rice is loaded with phytonutrients, that promote sound body, mind and soul.

20.  The numerous anti-inflammatory compounds present in Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  helps in reducing wheezing.

21. The glycemic index of Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice  is 42 compared to 75 – 110 in white of white rice. Now this helps in controlling obesity.

To Read benefits of Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice in more Detail Visit Here.

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