Human Made Hand Pounded Rice Vs. Machine Made Hand Pounded Rice



In this video you will see and Judge yourself the Difference between “Human Made Hand Pounded Rice Vs. Machine Made Hand Pounded Rice”

Freinds, Now a days companies are cheating people by selling Machine made Rice which look like Hand Pounded One.. as You know in Machine making the temperature of Rice goes to very high to 64 centigrade or more in big Rice Mill Plant.. which destroy good living enzymes of rice..and taste of the rice get burnt..oil content of rice grain convert into smoke and evaporate ..and Micronutrients and fiber of rice decreased into very low… One thing more..Through help of Machine and electricity they are able to make it in very large scale..tons in few hour …so they sell it in low cost…

Whereas in our Ancient Traditional way of Human Hand Pounded .. Output is very low in full day working 8 to 10 kg only..and in this very slow traditional Art of pounding process …”Zero” heat is produced ..Temperature of rice is always at Room temperature … so all living enzymes of rice and taste and micro nutrients and fiber of Rice is as it is as by nature… and this is secret of this rice for your Good Health and taste for Humans . This is the same price which was eaten by your ancestors 60 years back when there was no electricity no machine no chemical ..we are just trying to save this Lost Ancient tradition of pounding.. Kindly watch both video , I used digital thermometer to record temperature of both ..


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